It’s Summer Festival time!!

15th June 2018 - Posted By Sarah Riches

I love the Summer. So many great music festivals are popping up all over the country from the large headline events to smaller community music festivals. I had a lovely surprise at Romstock 2018, held by Romsley Parish Council on 9th June. I performed with a great band, playing Sandy in a fun set of songs from Grease the musical. However, I was more excited to hear that The Quarrymen – the band which included John Lennon as a founder member and with whom Paul McCartney also played -were also on the bill!

Original members of The Quarrymen were met with great warmth and reverence from the Romstockers who were fully aware of their importance in the history of British music. They were only teenagers when they formed the original band and they reformed in 1997after a reunion at The Cavern. These true gentlemen stayed all day, meeting and greeting fans before and after their set and were hugely supportive of all of the other performers on the stage that day. And I was touched by the congratulatory hug from Rod Davis and his wife when I came off stage. It just goes to show, it doesn’t matter how great a musician you are, or how influential you have been, musicians need to support each other and share their love of music with their fans and fellow musicians.

Looking forward to Romstock 2019. Peace and love everyone. xxx