“Lost and Found” EP ready for release!

27th October 2020 - Posted By Sarah Riches

So happy that my new EP “Lost and Found” is ready for release. This is a collection of 5 songs about losing love or missing chances but, in doing so, finding clarity in the heart and mind. Things don’t (or can’t) always work out, but understanding why and learning to accept helps us to grow. This EP includes three of my original songs and also two covers of songs penned by inspiring songwriters who made me think “I wish I’d written that!” when I first heard their original version. The CD version of the EP is available now for £6, or for £8 with an A4 poster, so please order by contacting me through the Sarah Riches Music Facebook page and we’ll get one in the post to you. The online release date will be revealed very soon, watch this space.