Under the covers (Part 1)

27th October 2020 - Posted By Sarah Riches

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier blog, this EP includes three of my original songs and also two covers of songs penned by inspiring songwriters who made me think “I wish I’d written that!” when I first heard their original version. The first cover is “For You” by Judie Tzuke and Mike Paxman, and Judie very generously provided her approval for me to cover this. It was originally released in 1979 and was track 3 in her album “Welcome to the Cruise” which was best known for containing the hit single “Stay with me till dawn”. For You has a really unique iconic sound, with multilayers of Judie’s beautiful acapella vocals and backing vocals supported only by a string accompaniment. I loved it when I heard it and felt honoured to be trusted with interpreting such a lovely song. My version is slower, with a broader range of instruments underneath it and Judie felt it had a “tango-ish feel”. My producer Adrian Kimberlin and I were thrilled to bits when she sent me this message after hearing my version; “I’m always so happy to hear new interpretations of what I wrote in the middle of the night all those years ago. Thank you so much for putting your heart and voice to this song, and good luck!”. Thank you Judie! Go to www.tzuke.com to follow.