Under the covers (Part 2)

27th October 2020 - Posted By Sarah Riches

The second cover on the Lost and Found EP is Perdu (meaning “lost” in French). This song was written by brothers Alex Tinlin and Rolf Tinlin from alternative folk duo Tinlin, and first appeared on their 2011 album “Tinlin Live”. I’ve loved the song for its simplicity and beauty since I was first introduced to Tinlin and became a fan and later a friend. Tinlin have a distinctive sound – a brilliant mix of both classical and contemporary influences. Their sound incorporates unique instrumentation of acoustic guitar, mandolin and percussion, intertwined with striking vocal harmonies. In 2016 I was extremely lucky to accompany Tinlin on the road for their “Strangely Blue” album tour. I’ve benefitted so much from their strong example as songwriters and musicians, and from their encouragement as I’ve developed as a songwriter myself. Alex can be seen and heard in several of my videos and tracks. This is what Tinlin said about my version of Perdu. “(We’re) really glad your version is going to see the light of day – it’s so lovely.” Go to www.tinlinmusic.com to follow.