Lights, Camera, Action!

15th February 2023 - Posted By Sarah Riches

Having had the wonderful opportunity to record my album in Nashville I was determined to hold back the release until I had promotional material that would do the album justice. Therefore, I was extremely fortunate to spend a whole week with award-winning Streetstar UK back in September. This team truly are the best in the business for artist promotion. Dom Sabine leads a highly motivated and talented team of creatives and each one brought their own unique talents to the project. They planned each aspect of the project to the minutest detail so that the images and videos that they have created for me are far beyond what I had hoped for. They are also the most lovely people and we had so much fun filming in the studio and out on location, and I would imagine most of the editing work was to cut out the laughter! They dealt so well with this rather awkward, camera-shy client and I can’t wait to show you what they created. Thank you Dom and Crew!