Feeling thoughtful

4th December 2018 - Posted By Sarah Riches

It’s been an exciting year for me musically and I am conscious that the work I have done and the music I have created has been supported by some fantastically talented, creative and downright lovely people. I have stretched myself way out of my comfort zone this year by doing interviews, producing videos, creating websites and blogs, performing at open air venues, working with a new company in an energetic musical that involved me dancing (eek!), originating a character in the premiere of a brand new never-been-performed musical, recording a musical soundtrack, and continuing to create new music with my band Telegraph City https://soundcloud.com/telegraph-city and through my own writing and recording. This simply could not have been achieved without my well-wishers and cheerleaders and I want to thank each and every one of you (you all know exactly who you are) for believing in me. Much love xx